Jeremy, I’ve been meaning to write to you and let you know that every time I go down to the basement and see your kitchen, I am stunned at how lovely it is. I was remembering how I initially intended to have it be behind bifold doors, and you suggested a more open style. Which worked out wonderfully. So from the very beginning, until the very end, you influenced this project to make it as nice as it is. The woodworking is terrific. And you really put in so much extra effort to get it done within a short time frame. Our son and his wife are very happy down there. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your availability and your involvement and your talent. Thank you so much.


First, Jeremy, we thank you for the great cabinet work. The craftsmanship is superb. The inset cabinet door and drawer design is more exacting than overlay, yet the fits are perfect. The curved lines of the bracketing are the perfect complement to the island and hutch. Your ability to custom size the cabinets so expertly has enabled us to make the most of our pre-existing interior space.

Second, thanks for your willingness to listen to our design ideas and for your flexibility in accommodating them. Although we had some design help from our architect, your availability as a resource for the ever-evolving design was invaluable.

And third, we appreciate the extra help and support you gave us by watching over some of the other workers, i.e., the countertop templater and installers, and for communicating and working so well with our contractor.

From our first meeting with you, we felt that if we worked with you our kitchen cabinetry would turn out well, and this indeed proved to be our experience. We are thrilled with our new kitchen space and your exceptional, high quality work. In short, we have complete trust in your craftsmanship and integrity.

L Endo and C Bove

Ithaca, NY

We are awe-struck by the beautiful kitchen Jeremy built for us, and all we can is, “Wow!” Thank you for building a full kitchen of cabinetry that is above and beyond our expectations. It has transformed our house into a million dollar home.

We were impressed with Jeremy’s professionalism from his beginning presentation and he never disappointed us. He gave us great advice, patiently worked with us on changes, and, most importantly, his craftsmanship is of the highest quality. These are the most beautiful cabinets we have ever seen anywhere, even in some very expensive homes. Thank you, Jeremy!

H & M Kazarinoff

Ithaca, NY

Jeremy built and installed kitchen cabinets for my husband and me based on a layout I drew up. Although our house is new construction, we were aiming for an older and more traditional look. Jeremy and I refined the plan a bit together before he got started, with his knowledge of historic styles, methods and materials proving very helpful. We are very satisfied with the results. We found Jeremy to be a true craftsman who takes great pride in his work. He was very pleasant to work with, always anxious to fully address all concerns. We plan to use him again for our future projects.
M & R Terlizzi

Newfield, NY

We saw Jeremy’s work firsthand and instantly fell in love with his craftsmanship. At first we thought we could not afford a custom built kitchen, but Jeremy worked with us to design and build a kitchen within our budget. His attention to detail is impressive, and he is truly a perfectionist when it comes to getting each cabinet piece looking and operating perfectly. As an added bonus to the high quality work, Jeremy uses only environmentally friendly practices and materials. Jeremy exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with our beautiful new custom kitchen!
T & J Phillips

Virgil, NY

We would never have imagined that such a superior level of craftsmanship even existed in the year 2008. Jeremy created, from start to finish, truly our dream kitchen. From the selection of the finest local curly cherry, to the intricate, meticulous and visually interesting details of our custom cabinets and kitchen, his work is irreplaceable. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone desiring the finest of cabinets or furniture around.
S Bradshaw, MD & J Bradshaw, MD

Ithaca, NY

It was a pleasure working with Jeremy. He was very thorough and explained each step of his work. I would recommend his work when dealing with furniture that you prize.
E Sheikh

Trumansburg, NY

My wife and I highly recommend Jeremy Crytzer as a first rate cabinetmaker.
Professor F. Moon

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

I was impressed with Jeremy’s woodworking skills, and also impressed with his prompt and proactive communications. We were kept informed every step of the way, and our calls or questions were always answered swiftly and thoroughly. The refinishing job was beautiful, and exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Jeremy.
J Jones

Ecovillage, Ithaca, NY

The kitchen of the 1942 house we bought last year was in dire need of a complete overhaul. Jeremy designed a friend’s kitchen a few years before (as well as bookcases and other cabinets), so that was the starting point for me: I wanted maple cabinets and Jeremy to make them. His design was great and the outcome exceeded my expectations. He was extremely patient throughout the process since I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted or needed. The kitchen he built for us is incredibly functional and beautiful. The details are amazing (glass cabinet doors, built in shelves, handmade wooden pulls). He was reliable, prompt, honest, and stuck to my budget. Jeremy is a true artisan.
K Laface

Ithaca, NY

Space is a premium in our old and humble 1860’s house. Every inch has to be used to its fullest potential. Although we have a very limited budget, custom built-in furniture is the only practical way to go. So when we hired Jeremy to build us a floor to ceiling cabinet to function as our bedroom closet we thought we were really splurging. We expected something very nice and very useful. What we got was the most beautiful thing we have ever owned, a joy to look at and use everyday, a huge capital improvement to our house, and an opportunity to meet and work with an old world craftsman of the highest order. By the time he was finished I no longer felt like we splurged. Instead I couldn’t believe how much our investment had returned to us. As long as we have the means, Jeremy will be building new works in our home. Some day it may even become known as the Crytzer House!
S & S Phillips

Ithaca, NY

I had the great good fortune to stumble upon Jeremy Crytzer and to retain his services to produce the desk that I had partially formulated in my mind.

Jeremy is a highly gifted artist in his own right and one highly sensitive to the artistic concerns of a fellow artist, even if one coming from a different medium and aesthetic.

I found Jeremy to be extremely cheerful, creative, patient, generous, and a thorough delight to associate with. He had both respect for my ideas and the integrity of my project and the practical eye to question those features which might impede the functionality of the piece he would be fabricating for me. He was also absolutely meticulous in his selection of woods and finishes so as to produce a product that future generations would continue to find awe inspiring.

I am extremely grateful to Jeremy and cherish the desk that he helped me bring from a vague collection of thoughts to a functional tool, serving me daily and inspiring my staff, friends, and family with admiration for its great beauty.

He was also more than fair with me when it came to the pricing. Should you wish to contact me, I shall be more than happy to share my experiences personally.

D Treimen

Berkshire, NY

Jeremy replicated the antique cabinets in our 1800’s Bed and Breadkfast to a proverbial “T!” He also added a number of other lovely details to our kitchen and matched some flooring. We think our authentic but improved kitchen is simply stunning. Jeremy has that unique blend of expertise, honesty, intelligence and humor that make working with him a real pleasure. We have absolutely no hesitations in recommending him to the most perfectionistic of clients.
B Digenti & D Kuranda

Juniper Hill B&B, Trumansburg, NY

I am a freelance classical musician from Ithaca, NY. I contacted Jeremy this fall when I couldn’t find a shelf for all my sheet music – I had an idea in mind, but couldn’t find it at any of the big stores or online. Custom work was an investment for me, but I’m glad I decided to go for it.

Working with Jeremy was lovely! At our first meeting, I showed up with a sketch, and he was just as excited about the project as I was. Jeremy called me with questions as he worked on it, but generally I trusted his artistic judgement and I’m happy with the results. The piece ended up being very elegant, though simple and strong. Jeremy also taught me about green building techniques – very interesting!

He and his wife delivered the piece yesterday, and I’ve already sorted my music onto the shelves. Being surrounded by beauty is important for creating art, and I believe that I have made a sound investment in my space. Jeremy was proud – even delighted! – by the shelf when he delivered it to me, and that was great. A craftsman who loves his work is truly a find and a treasure.

I hope the time will come again when I have a chance to work with Mr. Crytzer, and I feel confident recommending him and his work to anyone looking for quality, custom woodwork.

A Edwards

Ithaca, NY

Jeremy did a fantastic job repairing and finishing our maple kitchen countertops which had been badly scratched and burned…. He was prompt, reliable and fairly priced. I highly recommend his work!
K Nygren, Ecovillage

Ithaca, NY

We found Jeremy serendipitously, by searching “cabinetmakers, Ithaca” on Google. Little did we know we would find the best craftsman we have ever worked with! We needed a kitchen island that would compliment the existing cabinetry, but also stand alone as a fine “piece of furniture.” Jeremy worked with us over a period of time to find a design and surface that would work with the old pine wood cabinets, that is Shaker-inspired, but with so much more! The lines, color, functionality and craftsmanship are outstanding and have elicited praise from all who have seen it. We love it, and it has transformed the look of our old kitchen! Jeremy is wonderful to work with, intelligent, with a highly-developed artistic and aesthetic sense, technically excellent as a craftsman, a problem solver, as well as being an ethical and sensitive person. ( His wife, Erica, is wonderful too! ) We feel so very lucky to have met Jeremy, and anyone who gets to work with him on their project is certainly fortunate!
H & J Abraham

Syracuse, NY

Jeremy is an exquisite craftsman who is also a marriage counselor; he helps couples with different ideas about what they want communicate successfully and arrive at agreement. Not only that, he also gets the job done on time.
B Marston

Ithaca, NY

I have used a lot of different contractors and have never been as completely satisfied as I have been with Jeremy. He is reliable — yes, he shows up the day he says he will and he finishes on the day he says he will! — incredibly talented, honest, and so nice to work with. He took my idea right from my head, gave me exactly what I wanted, and improved it immensely. He is a perfectionist, a true craftsman, and can engineer very complicated pieces beautifully. His work is the showpiece of my house.
C Schiffman

Ithaca, NY

Whatever fears or concerns we initially had about getting into an extensive project with someone new, were very soon dispelled. Jeremy’s open and forthright communication style put us completely at ease, and his including us in the issues of function and design which arose during the course of the project- as well as his ability to foresee those issues- guaranteed a relaxed but exciting experience. The only surprise we felt was sheer delight at the truly inspiring beauty of the work. Jeremy is that rare artisan who will sacrifice his time to create superlative features in his projects. The pride and pleasure he takes in woodworking is abundantly evident.”

“Another first for us was how much we all enjoyed having him around. Usually we dread when people are working in our house, but the kids looked forward to seeing him, and even our dog, who doesn’t usually like men, befriended him. We would be happy to speak with anyone who would like a recommendation.”

“The only down-side to Jeremy’s work is how much it made us wish for more and more!

S Simpkins & B Marston

Ithaca, New York

Jeremy’s design and execution of his plan to replace variously sized cabinet door and drawer front in my kitchen can only be described in superlatives. The previous, dated ‘country kitchen’ look in my contemporary house had been an eyesore for me in the 6 years that I have owned the house.

Despite the potential difficulties of a 200 mile distance between the job site and his workshop he was able to take his measurements and accomplish the plans in an initial visit and return to install the amazing end product over a 2 1/2 day period.

The pleasure and surprise that I feel each time I enter my ‘new’ kitchen is immeasurable. Jeremy is really an artist.

My gratitude extends further to Jeremy’s neatness and very interesting personality.

R Gonzalez, MD

Jim Thorpe, PA

We were delighted with your ‘production.’ Your impeccable craftsmanship and your dedication to the project are without equal. Thank you! Thank you! for a beautiful job…
H Silverman

Tucson, AZ

I’ve never written an online review before but since I found Jeremy on the internet and have had such a positive experience, I wanted to share my views.

I’m remodeling my old farmhouse including the kitchen and much more.  Jeremy built a total of 26 feet of cabinets, and an island.  The cabinets are cherry and go well with the new oak floor.  When I met Jeremy, I liked his style of cabinets and his respect for using healthy finishes.  The cabinets are the centerpiece of my kitchen.  They are simple but elegant and they reflect the work of a fine and experienced craftsman.  He uses the best quality materials in the construction of all parts of the cabinets.  I found Jeremy easy to work with- important in custom work because there are always questions that come up and new decisions to be made during the process.  Jeremy was also around during the templating and installation of the countertops which I found extremely helpful.  Additionally, he helped me handle some problems which arose with the fabricators providing peace of mind throughout.

I was so pleased with the kitchen that I asked Jeremy to make a vanity for the bathroom.  This really helps with the consistency and flow of the design of the interior.  Then I asked him to make and install a staircase.   Having finished the kitchen now, along with the vanity and stairs, I plan to hire Jeremy to build me some pieces of furniture.

I think you get the picture.  Jeremy is a great craftsman who will not disappoint.  You might have to wait for him but it will be well worth it.

M Bertenthal

Binghamton, NY