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Jeremy Crytzer

Jeremy Crytzer


I began my career as a carpenter in 1986, following in the footsteps of my father, a master builder whose work I greatly admire. My aim is to bring out the beauty of wood using strong traditional joinery and simple elegant designs, and to do so with environmental stewardship as a foremost priority.

Erica Crytzer

Erica Crytzer

Design Consultant

My wife Erica has a great passion for visual art and a natural talent for design. Her Father is an architect and thus she grew up honing her sensibilities in a world where the beauty of spaces and the objects in those spaces was of great significance. Her contribution as a designer and design consultant is a core aspect of the work produced in my shop.


Occasionally clients know exactly what they want, but more often they do not have a clear sense of how to utilize a space until they see some options.

Our approach to design consulting is to present a variety of aesthetic ideas as well as practical considerations, so that our clients are able to make informed choices. The goal is to arrive at a beautiful and functional plan that resonates with the client’s taste, respects the character of the house or building, and also makes best use of the space.

Whether or not our clients are clear about what they want at the outset of the design process, our work together aims to craft sensible and pleasing results, always rooted in time tested methods of construction and thoughtful designs that reflect our best values.

Design + Build

Our aspiration is to revive what is becoming the lost art of great design and craftsmanship in architectural cabinetry. As a design and build team, we are rooted in a belief that our living spaces should reflect a respect for the preciousness of earth’s gifts (trees, for instance) humility regarding ancestral methods, and awareness of what works visually and technically. We have a true reverence for the inherent beauties of wood, for the dynamics of space and its effect on our well being, and for the ultimate source of inspiration from which all our best ideas come.