“The pleasure and surprise that I feel each time I enter my 'new' kitchen is immeasurable. Jeremy is really an artist.”
-R Gonzalez, MD, Jim Thorpe, PA

Woodworking by Jeremy Crytzer

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Fine custom cabinetry, custom furniture and well-made carpentry in general will age gracefully, even increasing in beauty as time goes by. Custom woodwork allows each client the opportunity for creative input and to receive a truly unique and expertly fashioned piece of woodworking or complete renovation & remodeling, which has been tailored to his or her tastes and needs. In this world of factory-made, mass-produced, cheaply constructed "products" one can still choose to surround oneself with the soulful beauty of hand-made, custom kitchens, renovations and furniture. This choice yields heirlooms for posterity, rather than the throwaway stuff that only contributes to landfills, and is therefore not such a bargain as it initially may seem.

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My adherence to time-tested, traditional woodworking techniques in my custom kitchens and other custom work is a value instilled in me by both of my parents, each of whom is a professional artist.

In keeping with my philosophy of environmental stewardship and healthy living, my approach to building now falls into the category known as "green building," which has many aspects.

• Build for longevity. We've gotten to the point where a kitchen, which was once considered a permanent feature of a house, now has a relatively short average lifespan. This also applies to furniture, and even to the houses in which all our disposable goods are found. This results in pollution, wasted money (despite the initial cheap price tag) and squandering of resources.

• The problem of chemicals. Indoor air pollution is causing so many medical issues- from asthma and eczema-like skin rashes, to endocrine problems and auto-immune diseases- that there is a term for it: sick building syndrome. I avoid toxic finishes containing heavy metals and hazardous chemicals, and I don’t use any wood products containing formaldehyde.

• Buy local. It is good for the community. Jobs are created, wages are fair, shipping and transportation pollution is greatly reduced, and endangered resources are not abused.

• The high cost of cheap stuff. If new cabinetry is priced at a point that most people would consider inexpensive, you can be sure that exploitation is occurring. Many large companies routinely do business that involves illegal timber cutting and unethical labor practices, to name just two forms of degradation.

I price my work reasonably and competitively, and conduct my business with a commitment to integrity and to ensuring that the expectations of every client are honored.

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